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DIY arts and Crafts to decorate your Kiddies bedroom

Kiddies Bedroom Decor Tips and Tricks: Paint Express Has the Perfect Princess and Race Car DIY Bedroom Decor ideas to create the perfect themed room for your kiddies!

Have a look at our ideas for the best Princess theme and the ultimate Race car theme right here!


  1. Use colourful chiffon to create a perfect princess ‘tutu’, by gluing the material to a round side table. It is up to you whether you use different colours or one standard colour. Wrap ribbon along the top for the perfect finish. This will have any little girl believing that she is the princess of her castle!






2. Create imaginative curtain ties by using a plastic princess crown (bought from the crazy store or toys r us). Use the front of the crown as the main tie. Use a piece of ribbon, tied to each end to keep the crown in place while tying the curtain back.







3. Every Princess Needs some magic fairy dust… As an add on to this decor, Use a mason jar filled with glitter as the pot of fairy dust for an extra touch







RRRRRRRRace Car Rumble…

  1. Create the perfect pit stop for your little racer by decorating a black lamp into an amazing race car track! Paint white striped in the middle of the lamp and glue small race car toys along the ‘road’








2. Use toy cars glued along the rim of a mirror to create a pit stop for your little racer









Basket Ball Hoop



Ballerina Paradise


These ideas are fun and creative and are a definite in getting your kiddies imaginations to run wild. What better way to show you love them by creating these easy and simple decor features to their room… They will absolutely love it!


If you liked this post, be sure to check in on a Tuesday for more of our DIY tips and tricks… Only at Paint Express!


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