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Tuesday TIPS and Tricks- DIY Coin Vases

Creative-ideas: DIY coin vaseDIY Tips & Tricks: Creative-idea

Thank you for tuning in to Our Tuesday Tips and Tricks. This session will show you a creative-idea on how to transform an ordinary old vase into a chrome, coin inspired piece of art for your home!

Paint Express Is giving you the Tips and Tricks for: DIY Coin Inspired Vases.

You will Need:

1 x Old vase, the size is completely Up to you!

Coins- You can choose to keep the theme of one coin, or using a whole bunch

Chalk Paint

Super Glue

Decorations such as Rope.

Creative-ideas: DIY coin vase


Step 1: Paint the vase over in Annie Sloan Chalk paint, with the colour of your choice.

Step 2: Glue the Coins onto the vase in the arrangement that best suits you

Step 3: Allow vase to set

Creative-Idea: Using different currency coins on your Coin Vase

Tip: If you have done a lot of travelling, or travelling might be in the cards for you, a grate way to remember all the places that you have been to, would be to decorate your vase with different currency coins.

Decorating Idea: Your Vase can Have more than coins

Tip: A really authentic and modern finish for your vase: decorate the bottom half of your vase with Rope glued around from the bottom to just over half way. Decorate the top half with your coins for a different finish.

Antique Idea: Use a crackling 

Tip: To give the under paint of your vase a more antique look and feel, paint your vase with a base colour, Then add a coat of another colour or shade on top of your first coat. 

Finally paint a coat of crackling over the two layers and watch the magic happen.

Finish this look off with a light gloss or Matte (depending on your preference) over glaze. 

creative-ideas: coin vase

If you enjoyed this session of Paint Express’ Tuesday Tips and Tricks, Tune In for more creative-ideas next week!

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